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University of Glasgow: A Significant Medical History

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Glasgow has a longstanding and proud history of outstanding achievements in medical science, with contributions from staff such as Joseph Lister (antisepsis), John Macintyre (X-rays and radiology), William Hunter (anatomy and obstetrics) and Ian Donald (ultrasound) to name just a few. In addition to contributions to medicine, the Faculty has produced distinguished literary figures such as Tobias Smolett and AJ Cronin. This book celebrates this legacy and looks ahead as the Facutly continues to educate the medical piorneers of the future. If you are a student, graduate, teacher, Faculty staff member past or present,l or simply have an interest in the history of the Factulty of Medicine, we hope you find this booklet entertaining and informative.

80 pages, full colour throughout
Published in 2004